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Jailbreak iOS nearly finished

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How does it work?

Jailbreak itself is getting control over the root and media partition of your iDevice; where all the iOS's files are stored at. To do so /private/etc/fstab must be patched. fstab is the switch room of your iDevice, controlling the permission of the root and media partition. The default is 'read-only', allowing eyes and no hands. To be able to modify the root and media partition we must set the fstab to 'read-write', allowing eyes and hands (on the root and media partitions).

Our site simplifies this process by injecting the required fsab files via your webbrowser. Jailbreak your iPhone in seconds! You may have come across the terms Cydia and Jailbreak. But do you know what exactly they mean? This article will help you to understand their meanings clearly and allow you to know more about them.

What is Jailbreak?

Jailbreak means to modify a smartphone or electronic device in such a way that the restrictions pertaining to installation of softwares that are imposed by the manufacturers can easily be removed. In iOS, it refers to the process of using a software for the purpose of breaking through the security measures adopted by Apple to prevent modification of the iOS devices.

What is Cydia?

Now let us come to Cydia. Cydia is basically an app store where you can avail the different customizations for your iOS device which can’t be availed under normal conditions. The only way in which you can get the apps of your choice is jailbreaking. In other words, installing Cydia is equivalent to jailbreaking. Technically speaking, though, jailbreaking is the process and installation of Cydia is the outcome. Cydia allows you to download, install and manage anything and everything according to your choice. To know more about it, read on...

About Cydia

Cydia is not an official app released by Apple but is a third party application that can be used for all devices running on iOS. Just like the official app store of Apple, Cydia also brings you a number of applications and tweaks so that you can select from them according to your choice. Apple will officially not allow you to use these apps and tweaks on your device. But users often need to use them or feel like using them due to various reasons. Here lies the importance of Cydia- it allows you to use these apps and tweaks freely, according to your requirements. It can be installed using third party softwares such as evasion and pangu and the installation can be done free of cost. For instance, you may feel like setting a ringtone of your choice. Apple will not allow you to do that. It has a few selected ringtones present in the iOS stock and choosing other ringtones apart from those ones is not really possible. Neither can you download ringtones of your choice while using iOS. Cydia becomes a rescuer here as it offers a tweak called Vuziq, using which you can set video ringtones in your phone. It can be availed using stock BigBoss repo and comes for free.

The Cydia Repositories

Cydia has a number of repositories that provide you with updated and fresh tweaks from the developers. The repositories are basically online hubs where developers store their apps and tweaks for the users to access. Each of these repositories has an owner. Once you add such a repository, you can search for free apps and tweaks. Apart from free apps and tweaks, you may also get some paid apps and features. In order to buy them, you can log in through Facebook or Twitter and then make the payment through Amazon or Paypal. Some people have the misconception that Cydia also lets us downgrade from the existing state of our device. But the fact is Cydia only allows you to upgrade to better features and higher levels. Downgrading is not possible. Only in case of iPhone 4 and devices of lower grade you can downgrade to an older version which is no longer used by Apple. In case of all other devices, you can use Cydia but cannot downgrade. Only upgrading is allowed. Jailbreaking will make you void the warranty given by Apple since you are breaking the terms and conditions.

Types of Jailbreak

There can be different types of jailbreak, such as tethered, semi-tethered and un-tethered. Untethered jailbreak is the permanent jailbreak which does not disappear after reboot and is thus preferred in most cases. In case of semi-tethered jailbreak, you can reboot but there is only 50% chance that the apps can be accessible. Tethered jailbreak is regarded as the worst of all since it requires you to plug in the device to the computer each time you want to reboot. Otherwise you will lose the features after the jailbreaking has been completed. Jailbreaking is thus a way to enjoy all the benefits that an android phone can offer but iOS devices, under normal conditions, cannot. You can do anything and everything starting from installing themes, downloading apps and beautifying your phone. It is more or less a safe alternative. Though in the early days it was considered to be unsafe, today it has been improved and is being used by numerous people on their devices. So get ready to install Cydia on your phone and beat the Android users! Install themes, download ringtones, get new apps....do whatever you wish to!